Never thought i would do this……..but finally, i followed my dream and here i am writing about my just one n half hour journey in Media that dominates the entire 21 years journey of mine!!!

The Post would be a glimpse into my journey in this exciting field, accolades, failures, ups , downs, learnings, happenings n everything.

To know more about me, see  www.visualcv.com/deepikabhardwaj

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  2. dipankar says:

    you don’t do this too often ?

  3. sanya srinivas says:

    great work,keep posting!

  4. mohd asif says:

    Hi Deepika, i came across your work on martyrs of marriage i.have a friend who is going through the same issue. The family of bride is harrassing him and he hasnt seen his child once. Is there anyway u can help mam.

  5. sasisaphr says:

    Excellent! Keep it up!!

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