School Boy falsely accused of Rape by Tuition Teacher Acquitted

Posted: November 7, 2015 in False Cases, Uncategorized

A Delhi court has acquitted a young boy Rupesh Mathur, resident of Sant Nagar, Burari , Delhi in a rape case filed by his neighbor and tuition teacher who falsely accused him of rape because he had rejected her proposal of marrying her. The court found the complainants testimony unreliable, non credible and her conduct during the alleged incident unnatural and one that made her claims highly doubtful.

The case dates back to February 2013. The girl, who is older to the boy who she accused of rape, used to take his tuitions. He was studying in class XII at that time. As per the boy, the teacher proposed him for marriage, which he refused, post which she filed a false rape case on him and implicated his family too, to pressurize them and also extort money from them.

The case of prosecution fell flat as the defense presented evidence that on the day of the alleged incident as claimed by the girl, the boy was actually writing his board exam at the time she claimed he raped her. Rupesh was in his school giving his physical education exam on that day and had even clicked photographs with his friends since it was their last exam. His friend deposed as witness in the case and also presented the photographs on the day of the incident lending credence to their testimony. The judge also found it strange that the woman did not tell about the rape to any of her family members including her father even though she had called her father after an alleged quarrel with the accused boy’s family.

The defense argued that the girl was habitual of filing false and frivolous complaints of molestation and rape on people to extort money from them. Details of FIR registered by the same girl on other people accusing them of molestation and rape was also presented during the trial of the case.

A close look at the facts of the case reveal that not only a young boy, but his father, a poor vegetable seller, his sister, his sister in law, uncle and aunt were also implicated in the matter by the girl. As per evidences presented by the accused, the girl went to the extent of drinking “All Out” to pressurize the police to register a case of rape against the boy and his family.

Rupesh and his father have been honorably acquitted from charges under section 328/376/34 IPC by honorable Justice Kaveri Baweja. Other family members were not included in the case as no evidence was ever found against them during initial stages only.

Editor’s Note: We have seen unprecedented outrage over rape cases in the country over last few years. Here’s a case of a young boy barely out of his teens who has been falsely accused of a crime which is considered to be that not only against the victim but an entire society. What happens when that crime which has allegedly happened against the society “never happened?” Shouldn’t the society stand up and ask why has a crime against them been alleged when it never happened? Shouldn’t the society ask why should someone be let free after accusing someone falsely without any punishment? In this case where it is evidently visible that the entire case was fabricated by the complainant and her family in collusion, the judge has not taken any action against the complainant but just acquitted the accused. I am not questioning the judgment or honorable judge but if a person is not even present at the time of alleged crime and it has been proven on record with solid evidence, isn’t it evident that the case is false? Hasn’t this case resulted into acquittal because it was a false case and not because the accused has been given benefit of doubt for lack of evidence? Aren’t our lawmakers answerable to everyone who has been a victim of Injustice – Man or Woman? There are questions galore but no one to answer. And for these cases, no one to protest too.

PS: I called up a lady officer who oversaw the case. She told me that the complainant is a habitual case filer and does so to extort money from people. She confessed the rising rate of false rape cases and expressed her anguish over the same.


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  2. t v raao says:

    These laws should be made gneral neutral and stringent punishment should be given for the gender who lied to court. Or at least token imprisonment for the female gender for exploitation of gender lenient laws

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