Empower’men’t ?

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am glad women are coming forward to raise a voice for men….Thanks Asmitan for writing this beautiful piece. We owe this to all the wonderful men in our lives. Thanks again.

A Metaphor!

You’re scared. Are you not a man?

You’re crying. Are you not a man?

You’re living on you wife’s money. Are you not a man?

You’re wearing pink. Are you not a man?

You don’t booze or smoke. Are you not a man?

You’re physically weak. Are you not a man?

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I know many would think addressing this problem being a woman is sheer act of hypocrisy and stupidity especially in an age where the women are living in an edge of violence. BUT, I chose to be bothered by an issue called ‘MANLINESS’. So many times we’ve created limited notions and boundaries while judging a ‘man’. Right from the colour of his shirt to his monthly salary, from his tone of voice to his physical strength. While it has been universally agreed that being a woman has her own set of struggles , we often forget to recognise the…

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  1. Roshan Durve says:

    Asmita Nandy mentioned that there need to be few laws in favour of men. Fact is we don’t need any laws in our favour. Just make all laws and schemes gender neutral. Stop reservations and privileges for women. Don’t categorize human beings into men and women. All men are not same, just as all women are not same. Please treat all individuals as human beings.

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