Are we ready for women empowerment? MIT (arguably the most modern college) proves otherwise!!!

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Reality of women empowerment….

Subtle Words by Prannay Jha

I have always been critical of stringent laws pertaining to female empowerment in the country. The last time I wrote on a similar topic (I am not a Pervert) , I was chastised by most of the self-righteous crowd. People claim that we as a country have moved above the notion of us being a patriarchal society. Our female today are claimed to be empowered; especially with so many rules in their favour in the legislature. I personally believe that misuse is a greater evil. We shun such possibility when it comes to rape, molestation or assault laws. I thought I was wrong in thinking that the possibility of such rules turning against justice was high. But something reassured me; a story from probably the most modern university in India- MIT Manipal.

The story goes by hearsay and off course there’s no hard evidence but here it goes…

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