When WOMEN rape a MAN

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This is a true account sent to me by someone and I am copying it as it is ….editing some confidential information. Point: Men can be raped too. But there is no law as of now in India that recognizes rape by a woman on a man. If a man goes to complain, he is laughed at and made fun of. The situation below is exactly when I hear that even a commercial sex worker can file a rape case if sex was not with her consent. Then why can’t a man complain? Well, read the story and say if this man should get peace. 


I was born in 1975, into a nair family in a village near Trivandrum, Kerala.. At 14, I became helper in a temple. My life changed when I was noticed by two ezhava ladies. I was fair skinned, medium height and muscular. I was a practising wrestler and was well hung. The ladies talked to me through a male colleague of mine, whom I later found out to be a sex worker too.Thus, in 1989, I became a male whore, money motivated me. One evening at 8 pm, I went in a car with a woman agent and a male driver. We entered a suburban house. Three middle aged ladies waited there. I went to upper storey and waited in a room. All 3 of my first customers were fellatio experts , so much so that I still remember those blow****. Later, I got paid Rs.300.

Two yeas went by like this. I went to school, hit the gym, worked in temple and worked as a sex worker. I guess around 50 to 60 customers were given happiness by me. These included rich house wives, rich college hostel girls from Central Kerala, business women from Tamil Nadu, radical feminists, women politicians too. The clever ezhava women who handled me introduced me as a Kashmiri Pandit to Mallu college girls from Central kerala, Tamil business women were told I was an Arab Christian, all the while, I was a village boy, from outskirts of Trivandrum. I was happy because I provided for my family. My sisters wore salwar kameez which was a novelty those times.                                                        

By 1991, I had white ladies as customers,their ages ranged from 30 to 70. Kovalam beach and Trivandum city was more famous than today’s Maldives. My customers came from UK, Holland, Germany, USA etc . In 1993, I went to Goa with a 23 y/o swiss lady during college vacation. Later her friends came  to Trivandum to join us. I graduated in 1996, went to delhi,became a company manager by 1999. By 2005, I had married off all sisters.Then, I started own business in Delhi, my business failed, I became bankrupt in 2008. I came to Trivandrum, Mom told me to marry. So, to find work, I reached Kochi.  

It was 2009, I  was walking down a dark street, five women who were manual laborers stopped me. They were jet black in color, short, with big tight butts. The women were direct, asked me if I would serve them. I agreed to go with them,thus, for the second time in my life, I fell prey to greed for money. They led me to new women, there were some lawyer women, some business ladies, even martial arts teachers. I had a good social life in Kochi until things went wrong. The mother of one lawyer girl was a police officer, the mother got wind of her daughter’s promiscuous life. The lawyer lady withdrew from our group, I was told her mother plotted my fall. I was walking to my lodge at 10 pm when a white van drew up. A chubby girl’s face popped out and gave a smile. Another woman invited me in. I  went in without a thought. Inside were 6 women who looked 20-22 years old. The driver was a big young woman too. I knew things were wrong because all the girls filled in two peoples seats, they were that big. I turned around to jump off but the chubby girl stuck my leg, I fell .Other girls pinned my hands and legs, one girl inserted cloth in my mouth, while the chubby girl stripped me , slipped her hand below my butt and caught my scrotum. Then, for almost two hours, the devil crushed my test*****. They groped me one by one. I felt all my body splitting, eyes popping out, every nerve exploding. I roared with pain, called her mommy, but my sounds muffled by the cloth in my mouth. I would deliberately urinate into her hand to try to be free. My ordeal ended almost two hours later.

I was thrown out of the van. I came back to Trivandrum, went back to my old temple work. I recovered gradually but mental scars will never erase. And, even today, when I see a woman police constable, I search for a red chubby face and a 120 kg body. I pray daily to Lord Krishna to give me peace 😦


Disclaimer: This is a true account shared by someone to me. Names have been hidden to maintain confidentiality. Any queries can be directed to the person if requested.

  1. Ratan Parija says:

    I am shivering and sweating .

  2. Mathew says:

    I urge you my fellow brother to take this to the media.
    If women can go to the media about being raped and still live a normal life, some even coming on tv every oncebina while for panel discussions then why do men have to be ashamed? What do u have to loose?
    I do understand the social stigma of being from kerala, but keep that aside.. let the world know who these women are who are so vile that even urinating in their hands didn’t discourage them!let the world know that Indian men are raped too… that there is no judiciary or justice system put in place to help them.

    Make a stand and soon many will follow ur path and there will be a storm that has to be recognized.

  3. jhehehe says:


  4. hoppi says:

    please kill them all.

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