OPEN LETTER to Retired Justice A K Ganguly – Life comes a full circle Sir!

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Justice (Retd.) A K Ganguly

Your name came when almost half of the controversy was already over. We did not know you by then. We knew a retired Supreme Court Judge had been accused in a sexual harassment case. Then….one day your name was disclosed. You had been lucky to live all those days – from the day when the blog came into light till the day Supreme Court made your name public. And then Mr. Ganguly you were a common MAN.

A man who apparently has no dignity in this Country, no matter if he has served the nation at the borders for his entire life, no matter if he bears the responsibility of his entire family, no matter how many accolades he has brought to the country, no matter how much dedicated his entire life has been to welfare of society, no matter if he has been a dedicated son, father, brother and an honest citizen! If he has done anything that comes in the ambit of ‘sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, undue advances, mental torture, physical torture, outraging modesty of a woman, verbal taunts, indecent behaviour’ he is DOOMED for his life.

I am sure you understand the depth, the meaning, the context, the legalities and the implications of these words more than I do.  But what I am even surer of – that you never imagined yourself landing into the same shoes. You have still been lucky. A common man is not left like you have been. Anyways, this post is not to tell you if you are right or wrong for the conduct that you are accused of. Nor is this post intended to tell you how upright you have been in not giving up your position as the chairperson of a state human rights commission.

I am writing to you today to remind you that life does comes a FULL CIRCLE.

It wasn’t so long ago when you labelled ‘call for repeal of 498A’ by society and judiciary as Male Chauvinism. It was 2011 and you were delivering the keynote address at a seminar on ‘Negotiating Spaces: Gender Concerns in Conflict Zones.’ You conveniently asked a question then – Which law of the country is not abused? You must have measured the weight of your argument. If you did not then, the circumstances now should force you to. If not yet, I urge you to.

IPC 498A is not anymore about negotiating spaces. It isn’t even about getting justice. With due respect to all women out there, it’s that tool, which women use when they want the world to cede to their demands, no matter how much wrong they have themselves done. I agree with you – that there are few cases – but these few cases are not of misuse sir, these ‘few cases’ are of use. Who better than you would be privy to such cases?

Extra marital affairs; multiple marriages; obnoxious sense of control; absolutely no responsibility of a home; insane demands of money, lifestyle and property; wrong choices, forced marriages, nuclear home, greed, no respect for in-laws, ridicule, abuse – are these circumstances where you would like to grant  the woman a ‘negotiating space?’ What negotiations were you referring to?

NEGOTIATION that you need to BOW DOWN to in order to – save your dying father OR your unmarried sister who is set to get married next month OR save your entire family from arrest OR save your career getting ruined OR save your married sister’s home from tumbling down OR your brother’s VISA being impounded OR avoid risk of getting an additional false charge of rape, molestation, attempt to murder OR even think of living a life again?

Or maybe you were talking about a Negotiating space like this: One Crore to settle a Dowry Score 

While avoiding the questions from media Mr. Ganguly, you said ‘Leave me. ImageI have already suffered a lot.’ As a penance to just that statement of yours of calling protest against IPC 498A as male chauvinism (leave apart the injustice that you might have done to some innocent families in these cases) – I request you to give a thought to meeting the families of people who have been falsely implicated in DOWRY cases. You would then realize what suffering is.

When you would meet a sister who lost her brother, fighting these false cases; when you would meet a mother whose son and husband called it an end seeing no way through; when you would meet a son who became an orphan having lost his father and mother due to shock of these cases; when you would meet a little girl who has been kept away from her father because of her revengeful mother; when you would meet a young man whose career has come to a standstill because of these cases, when you would meet a woman who is in her late 30’s now and no one wants to marry her because she has an FIR against her ; when you would meet a cancer patient fighting the disease and the CASES; when you meet a father who is bringing up an abnormal child and also fighting a dowry case slapped by his wife since she did not have guts to raise the kid; when you meet a MAN who is not even the father of his 2 year old but was sent to JAIL for objecting on it; when you would meet a woman who was denied of all her retirement benefits accused in a Dowry case and later acquitted – YOU WOULD REALIZE WHAT SUFFERING IS.

Recall the day when you made this keynote address. You must be feeling elated after having made that speech. You must have been applauded for your amazing observation of ‘male chauvinism’.  Why not? The ones surrounding you that day must have been the ones for whom every man is a potential rapist! I feel sorry for you.  Today you are their TARGET. I laughed when your quote of ‘What can I do. No one is listening to me’ came after contents of the affidavits submitted by the girl were released. Did you ever listen to a MAN in your entire career sir? I am no one to comment on that. I think now you will have all the time at your disposal to ponder over that, once you are forced to resign from your post.

In last 15 years alone, 21 Lac and more people have been put behind bars, snatched of their dignity, reputation and life under IPC 498A – more than 1 lac of them senior citizens like you – 5 lac of them women – thousands who hadn’t even crossed teens . 1 Crore or more are bearing the brunt of these cases, not once but for entire lives. Nothing, absolutely nothing can take away their scars, rather they live in fear their entire lives.

None the less, I still invite you. Invite you to join the voice of thousands who are suffering. Invite you to still give back to the society if you feel like. Invite you to save Human Rights by not being the chairperson of a government run department, but by actually fighting for it along with people. In return you might find solace – solace that must have eluded you since that fateful blog appeared.

If you still choose otherwise, I wish you all the best. I hope someone would LISTEN to you NOT as an accused…….


Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Director – Martyrs of Marriage | A Documentary film on Misuse of IPC 498A |

  1. Akhilesh says:

    Awesome… And Impactful…

  2. Jp Harveer Singh says:

    nice madam and god bless you. one definitely all will get changed . every body is responsible for such law . now mr ganguly atleast will understand the pain of aam admi

  3. venkat says:

    good article. You highlighted and requested for opening of eyes, where sisters and mothers faced troublaes due to the misuse of the Act. If the situation comes to him personally, he realised the truth. Till this time, it is presumed law is applicable to common man not to top people. But its not correct.Atleast they have to realise the problem of common man, who are facing fake/false allegations and ending with split that too with monetary settlements. Need some changes.

  4. Amudhan says:

    Very thought provoking. But these female biased males won’t reform themselves

  5. Rohit says:

    Dear Author…I am greatly thankful to you for sharing your thoughts over the blog…I really admire your feelings, since i am also a victim of the same.. I would request you to publish this article in all the major newspaper of this nation…Hindi and English…Do let me know for any assistance on this topic.

  6. Suman says:

    It’s a very practical Open letter to Justice AK Ganguly by Deepika. Now all judges should understand the misuse of law like 498a, DV act, crpc125 and ipc 307 also. It’s clear that all the section are used by greedy women for fulfill their demand. Once again hats off & thanks to Deepika.

  7. Tejinder says:

    I am sure Justice Ganguly will not read this letter because
    1) It is not in legal format, not stamped, nor supported by affidavit.
    2) Not submitted by some senior advocate.
    3)He has no reader to read documents as he is no more a judge.
    4)No law intern around to take notes.

  8. Thanuj says:

    First when i was seeing dowry cases on TV, i used to think are these people insane? Later on i realized after i was being threatened for the same. Motive was to just make money and put whole family in ruins. They spoiled my brothers marriage proposals and the girls father indirectly agreed that his daughter is ready to do anything for money. she is openly flirting with people , unable to handle the married life, she is now leading a life which is not worth of speaking.

    Her lawyer has told that they will file 498a case when we filed divorce when all negotiations failed. Shame on this law which is ruining lives of crores of indians.

    Mr. Ganguly , i am sorry to say that lawyers like you are ruining Indian marriages.

  9. Akhtar says:

    My pain.. your words ….Thank you to make my VOICE Louder….l

  10. devd says:

    people like him are self absorbed in their false sense of infinite power and immunity…they do not have guts or courage to stand against wrong.he will die becuase of his arrogance but will never side with chauvinists.

  11. Lucky Saluja says:

    Great article…May People like Ganguly get some sense ….May the Human (if any) inside them wake up soon..

  12. achal gulati says:

    very soulful contents and ground reality of sufferings , pain and agonies.. deepika you could have given me this letter …..i would love to deliver it personally by hand to a rapist judge….

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      Achal please print 50 of these and send it to Ganguly. I am fine if you send this in your name too. Thanks for reading.

  13. kumar says:

    excellent article Deepika. I wish Justice Ganguly reads this.

  14. Deepika. this letter sent to J Ganguly directly by regd post ????

  15. A well written article indeed. The supporters of biased laws are now in a scuffle themselves. Every deed done will come back to us, eventually.

  16. naseemarajsekhar says:

    you could have discuss about burnt brides by in laws for could have include statistics about women sufferers because of male chuvenism.justice to be done as per the evidence adduced .there is no question to implicate our or their opinions for adjudication.

    • Men's Rights says:

      what about men who committed suicide due to harassment by wives? Why do you always talk about women? Why are you obsessed with women?

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      Yes I could have discussed all of that. But when you know about all that why do you wish to know about them again? READ AND KNOW what’s happening in the name of Dowry. What evidence are we really talking about in case of Ganguly? Verbal allegations? Why din SC ask for a lie detector test? Do u have any inkling how many men are ending their lives due to harassment? Pity that there are some people who can’t accept that men suffer too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Simply superb

  18. Deepanshu says:

    hope justice ganguli read this…….im very happy he is in trap…

  19. Biju Mathew says:

    Deepika, this is a wonderful post. This man who was in a responsible position to make amendments to laws sided with it , encouraged it and even insulted the many lakhs of people who went through hell because of such laws.

    Its time he suffers too, the real meaning of “male chauvinism” fought for by many women as well will be a reality for him now… I hope!

    For you see, though u say he will have time to ponder, let me raise a few points…

    1. He wasn’t arrested as soon as the FIR was filed. Most or all of us were arrested asap. Intact in my case my FIL ensured it by making an IPS officer in Delhi call the Bangalore station and pressure them.

    2. He didn’t let go of his position in the human rights… imagine the poor men implicated in this case around the country “not letting go of their job” ? The cops would have them dragged from their office in front of all their colleagues who once respected them.

    3. Even in jail, I think bigwigs like him will enjoy special privileges. What about those who weren’t judges? The common man?

    I say jail this man and let him know what bed bugs, mosquitoes, forceful rape by men, stinky dirty toilets and hard work is!

    Let him rot just like the rest of us just so he knows better what you were talking about!

  20. Kamal says:

    Great article, you have written the truth.

    Hope to see some positive changes in the biased law.

  21. Ravi Chaudhary says:

    Excellent Job Deepika
    There is No need of sympathy or support to such type of hypocrite.

  22. Men's Rights says:

    Wonderful article but then these pro-women alpha men in power would not learn their lessons so easily. It needs a second life, maybe in his next life (he already has one leg in his grave), when he is born in a poor family, without any power and I wish that he is born so, he would learn his lessons the hard way. I wish and pray daily to God that all people who are powerful and rich today become powerless and poor/helpless in their next lives. Its is their karma.

  23. Kala bhairav says:

    Well articulated Deepikaji. Keep up the good work !!!

  24. JM says:

    Amazing Deepika. Just amazing thoughts.

    U deserve lots of salutes for writing such a wonderful message.

    Now I am glad I know you.

    Best wishes n take best care.

    My salutes and appreciation for putting feelings into words.


  25. Nilesh Sharma says:

    Dear Deepika,
    You are so sensitive to the subject. No words can describe the act you are doing. Wishes for life.

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