An OPEN LETTER to the Independent, Educated and Empowered Women of India.

Posted: November 27, 2013 in False Cases, Women Empowerment
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Tarun Tejpal’s case has brought to light the often unspoken world of murky sexual liasons in corporate circuits. I am not commenting on the developments of this case, law shall take its own course. But I read this article with advice for men on how to deal with women ( ) written by not sure ‘who’ and I thought it’s time for someone to speak up in this highly feminists dominated media and political atmosphere. I am actually compelled to thrash the hypocrisy in this absolute crap and I am doing so in this blog.

To begin with, I am all for women empowerment and I strongly believe that women need to stand shoulder to shoulder with men in every strata of society. BUT Equality should be manifested in absolute terms and not choice based. Everything should not be availed by playing the victim card and one must stand for the choices one makes – be it a man or a woman.

I have worked in the corporate world for couple of years including media and have been privy to a lot of conversations that often don’t go public because of the mere fact that its not considered right to talk bad about a woman. Yes no one has the right to do character assassination of anyone but I wouldn’t hesitate to say, characters of Men are assassinated perhaps more than women. Women are themselves victim to perks and promotions given to another women because of reasons that can very well be understood by any Adult. Affairs, flings, drunken banters, one night stands, selective promotions, undue adulation, flirting – we see them day n night in offices. Married men with single women, married women with single men – offices are replete with stories like these flying around. I am not morally questioning anyone’s behavior here. Every individual has the right to do whatever they wish to do in their life. But I think it’s high time that the educated, empowered and liberated women of India, stand up for the choices they make in life. I mean for how long, can you keep blaming the society, the surroundings, the circumstances for your behavior? If you dare to take a risk ( neither all men, not all women in this world are saints) , you must understand the fall outs that are possible of that risk. If you call sexual advances by a man as assault then undue advances by a woman should also be called assault on the dignity of a man. But as these article proves…women of today want to do whatever they want to and then blame everyone else for it!!!

I am flabbergasted seeing rape cases with charges like rape on pretext of marriage after relationship of 3 years, 4 years, 5 years…..

I mean how insane is that?  How can you keep on having physical relationship with a person for years if you have iota of doubt that the person will not marry you? And if Marriage was that sacred an institution for you to have sex, then go get married first and then get intimate. Girls are running away with boys on their own wish and parents are filing rape cases. What is happening here? (

Anyways, to keep it short. Here’s my advice to young, carefree, party freak women of India, smitten by the feminists ‘your body your choice’ and ‘your body your no responsibility’ campaign

1. Please don’t use your gender as a trump card whenever you wish to use it that way.

2. Alcohol doesn’t affect only your mind and your actions, it does to the other gender also. Drink safe and be safe. But please don’t cry rape after you realize that you went too overboard.

3. Being physical with someone is entirely your choice. If you think sex=being used, then better don’t get used and then cry later.

4. STOP using Men for every need of yours, hurt them emotionally and then say Sorry. They are not tissue papers. They are human beings. Yes they can’t file a rape case on you if you dump them, but please don’t cry rape just because you have the option to do so.

5. Stop LYING and then cry crocodile tears to hide your deeds.  If you have made a choice of living the life the way you want, then don’t be apologetic about it and run from it when discovered. Have guts to be what you are!!! Have multiple partners? Allow your man to have it too…don’t call it violence then. AND PLEASE marriages are not a license to have EMA. Don’t get married if you want to have several sex partners.

6. Begin your rebellion from your own homes, and stop fantasizing a world full of roses in your in-laws home. Those parents are also born, brought up and fed with the same principles as your own father and mother. If you call your mother in law cruel for not allowing you to go for late night parties, then call your mother cruel first, to whom you always lied while going to the late night parties. Dun wanna get married? Tell your parents. Dun wanna live in a joint family? Tell before you get married. Can’t manage a home, be upfront. But be Honest.

7. PLEASE STOP SETTLING CASES IN EXCHANGE OF MONEY. I mean that’s RIDICULOUS. Justice can’t be done with compromises if you are fighting a real criminal. STOP THIS LEGAL EXTORTION.

8. A man’s NO also means a NO. Dun’t feel hurt then and go around and call him a womanizer since he did not like you.

9. Don’t feel bad if you are decked up so well and no man is looking at you. After all you are asking men to refrain from looking at girls.

10. You give Respect. You earn Respect. You don’t get respect for just being a woman.

11. Men want to live their life their own way as well. Stop trying to change them for what you want them to be. They are human beings. Not dogs that you can tame them the way you want. And file CRIMINAL charges on them when they don’t adhere to your ridiculous demands.

12. STOP GIVING DOWRY. Ask your share from your father’s property, that’s your first RIGHT.

13. Rights come with responsibilities. If MEN would stop taking all the responsibilities that you tag as privilege for them, then no one but you will suffer the most.

14. If women value generosity in a man, than Men also value decency and generosity in a woman. You can’t go and shout on a man to vacate a seat just because you are a woman.

15. Don’t take Men for granted. They are extremely good and caring as long as they are not deeply hurt. Think about the sacrifices your brother and father have made since you were a toddler. Be thoughtful about them and don’t blame them for every thing.

16. Don’t think the entire world is full of good people. Your SAFETY is your RESPONSIBILITY first.

17. Men and Women are differently equal. Don’t try to make a man a woman and a woman a man. Appreciate the similarities and accept the differences. Nature has made us the way we are for a reason.

18. “My Body My Choice” His Body My choice. His life My choice. His money My choice. His freedom My choice. His mannerisms My choice. His family My Choice. His decisions My Choice – Stop these double standards and then say this is a patriarchal society.

19. Know when he needs your emotional support and stop ridiculing him for being what he is. We all face failures. Don’t punish them for failing in life.

20. Last but not least, A FALSE CASE destroys families, lives, career, soul and everything. It’s nothing less than a rape. Please don’t Legally rape men, just because you are privileged to do so!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a person infected with patriarchal thoughts, if any of you feminists reading this article would want to keep me in that bracket. I call a spade a spade. I dun play the gender cards. I dun cry equality first and then suddenly define the rules for others to LIVE. For anyone who is reading this, it would be worthwhile to see the state of ‘FALSE’ rape cases being filed in India:

And also, how these feminists wanting to have several sex partners are killing their husbands:

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Martyrs of Marriage | A Documentary film on Misuse of IPC 498A |

Revision: After reading comments from few readers, I am moved to clarify my stand on Tarun Tejpal issue. I salute the woman who has dared to question a person with as high clout as him. I have no doubts in believing that she is telling the truth. Though the cause I have taken up makes me believe very little of what women say, there is no reason for this woman to lie. Moreover, her lines that she wants to fight to save other women from this kind of torture makes me respect her even more. She is not like those coward ladies who first file cases, then take money, settle the case and move on. And the way most eminent feminists are behaving in this case exposes the farce they preach.

  1. kumar says:

    This article is well written and is a “slap on the face” of so called feminits.

  2. Mgtow Atit says:

    I never knew “OOONGLI karna” means ‘light-hearted bantering.. and he must be punished… did he ever seen innocence in other men when they were falsely accused of rape?? he collected TRP at that time.. let rivals collect TRP this time.. Hang this Rapist..

  3. andysingal says:

    well said Deepika Mama

  4. Finally a woman who makes sense. If this post was by me or any other guy, we’d be ‘asking for it’ .

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      Truth needs to be told. Thanks for reading. Please share it especially with your female friends.

      • Women says:

        i’m really sorry mam but i disagree with you. you are not the victim of Dowry harassment that is why it’s is easy for you to give lectures. i’m also the victim of this dowry harassment you won’t be understanding the feelings of women like me who are sufferers. we are neither alive nor dead. And in-laws are living free and enjoying life and planning for second marriage. and you saving in-laws are falsely trapped. and mam if you really understand the problem then you get to know than you get to know that real culprits are mother in-law and sister in-laws who want to marry their brother and son just for the sake of money and after that started feeling jealous and so start creating problems between husband and wife and sufferers are also only husband and wife. i think you haven’t read the holy books in which also states that husband and wife relationship is the on the top of all. because on earth if there will be no husband and wife then there wouldn’t be any mother, sister and so on. Also it was Sita Ji who left the Mahal for Ram Ji not his mother in Ramanaya and it was Shrupnakha sister of Ravan who took Ravan to death. earlier when i use to watch the savdhaan India i thought that these are just stories how one can do this to wife, daughter in-law but after seeing this live in my case i came to know the pain of those women who suffered from this dowry harassment. I even want that after investigation F.I.R. should be done that so that those men who think that they are falsely trapped so know that culprits remain culprits and its JHOOTH jiske pao nhi hote sach toh saamne aata hi hai. Also i completely disagrees that 98% cases are false. instead till now hardly few cases came false rest are decided outside the court so they can’t be said who was right who was wrong.

        Also i listen that peoples said that only husband should be put in jail if found culprit. can that persons answer me that is it possible that their mother, sister help that women or you to save the relationship no instead they insist you men to take divorce and get ready for second marriage for more money.

        i even want that strict laws should be made because if once that hard and strict punishment to the culprits will be given then only dowry harassment will stop.

        Also today men are also aware of everything as they say to women then i just want to say no body can be trapped in false case easily. Men are even more alert through these sites. and adding more these SIFF peoples are doing what is i want to share what i understand is they want 498a to be compoundable and non cognizable so that relationship should be saved instead they themselves in their sites and everywhere mentioning never take back your wife if she puts case. and actually giving suggestions to everybody to just get rid of wife as soon as possible. they think that if they are alone and why not make every men alone and then they will get profit of getting false plea of men sufferings.

        Sorry, friends if i said something that hearts you. i’m sufferer so i’m writing this. Also i know that men are between wife and parents specially mother in-laws and sister in-law , so they suffer more. But you have to manage between wife and mother and sister then you yourself realize that what is the truth. also men have to suffer even GOD will punish them because they ruined the life of wife by leaving them so they deserve to suffer. They are not not suffering today i want GOD to please come down and please provide justice.

  5. Exactly…keep calling spade a spade Deepika…glad there is a woman to point this out…any man saying this would be totally ignored and ridiculed by feminists!!

  6. cyril says:

    Fantastic article Deepika. Great job!

  7. Ajhay U Waghmare says:

    Spot on
    well written
    pls send this to all parliamentarians, judiciary, NCW, etc.

  8. Ekalavya Mra says:

    What a slap. Shared it on my wall too and thanks for writing this Deepika.

  9. rishi says:

    Awesome. Right from the beginning we are thought that Men and Women are equal but in actual life its not, Men are considered Dogs. If there is any rape, Feminist group will include whole gender to be the part of it instead of that particular person. Its high time and Feminist group needs to understand that Men too have some emotions.

  10. Neena. says:

    Thsi article is an eye -opener for the feminists, women,s organisations NCW , the politicians and the judiciary, please send copies of it to all these male haters and supporters of false women empowerment.

  11. Arnab Ganguly says:

    Brilliantly written , must say !! Scathing rebuttal to the anti males, unfair entitlement seeking , irresponsible women roaming around in today’s society .

  12. Babu Gurucharan says:

    A well written article.. precise…and can be used as a reference for sexual equality lesson to all…. If you permit I would surely use this article/ blog when I talk and conduct workshops. But I feel at the same time you have blogged at the wrong time or rather with wrong reference of Tarun Tejpal. The lady in question who has bravely brought the sexual assault she had faced even after objecting to it the firs time is now facing slander like any woman who is brave enough to bring up the crime. It may not be intended to by you but your article by naming Tarun Tejpal… can raise a question on the conduct of the lady… which would have been avoided…

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      Sir please share this anywhere you wish to. I have made revision in the blog about my stand on Tejpal’s case. Read the last lines. I completely agree to your points. Hope my clarification would avoid that risk. Thanks for reading.

  13. sugandha says:

    Well Said deepika…I am feeling like making some placards on some of the points you mentioned and showing them in the Metro Ladies compartment…

    • Nick says:

      Thanks if you could do so , you would be helping a lot of sensitive men from turning insensitive due to women who use your their as a trump card whenever they wish to.

  14. Ajhay U Waghmare says:

    women have excessively emboldened themselves with the disguise of recent safety concerns, many girls audaciously turn violent & slap men even at without or a slightest provocation.
    Men are made fun off if they get beaten by women whereas they considered as evil & villainous if they retaliate to a woman’s slap. so its any way the man’s loss.

    I witnessed an incident when a railway TC asked a young girl for her ticket / pass, but she couldn’t find it Or didn’t have it at all, while she searched it in her purse a Rs. 100 note dropped from it & a guy passing close by, gently tapped her shoulder without being immodest in any way just to asking her to pick her money up, this girl without a single thought turned back & slapped him.

    In another instance a man in his fifties was standing on the platform perhaps waiting for his daughter OR wife, He was quietly standing along the wall at the extreme perimeter of the platform, a young woman from ladies 1st class alighted the running train in hurry & was thrown towards this man with his hands folded, but she suddenly slapped him & accused him of groping her, while the other commuters intervened & even some women passengers joined in his support she escaped the scene, but the elderly man was left weeping, his self esteem must be deeply damaged

    Therefore while laws are framed to protect women from molestation we must have a counter / reverse punishment for those who misuse these laws to arrest / defame someone out of personal vengeance OR sheer audacity thinking “I can get away with it, just because I’m a woman”

    • Nick says:

      This is happening day in and day out, the laws which are meant to protect the marginalised sections of the women have failed to do so sadly as they are framed in mind with the already liberated women of today.

  15. anxy 1 says:

    After gruesome and horrible human beast act on dec/16 rape victim Nirbaya there is a mad rush to declare every men a molester ,a rapist . Nobody is against to book the culprits but what if rape or dowry charge is false who will return the honor of the husband,boyfriend ,fiance . This alleged abla naari attitude is harming Indian hospitality and medical tourism industry already .The day is not far away that Indian men will be labeled as rapist or molesters world over. Isn’t it time to add provisions of sever punishment to females and related supporters for false charges. Finally how can anyone be so sure that Tarun Tejpal or H’ble ex Supreme Court judge are culprits and both women are just too innocent.

  16. Zanos Ald says:

    High time that the Law makers of this Nation who are in collusion with the Feminists start realizing the reverse effect of their self made unscrupulous claims.

    Well scripted Deepika…Proud to be a part of the movement.

  17. Richa says:

    Good job deepika !!!

  18. Ajay says:

    Thought provoking for many who are still living in some kind of world created by radical feminism.

  19. Tejinder says:

    All working women must read.

  20. sanjay mehra says:

    Most well written, Deepika. I agree with every word you have said. There seems to be nothing more to add to a most comprehensive article.

  21. amit says:

    just amazing, no words… everybody should read and realize what Gender Sensitization actually means..

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      Thanks Amit. You hit it right. Gender Sensitization! Feminists don’t have that word in their dictionary perhaps. They just know about Gender Biased society in India where Gender is always FEMALE.

  22. hemendra shah says:

    very very good job. if every female will understand each and every word of this article and follow most of social problems will come to end.
    many many thanks.

  23. hemendra shah says:

    parent, who are supporting or prompting thier daughters, to misuse the benefit of 498a against her husband and her in laws must think over that if in future same thing will be done by their daughter in law what will be their position? will not they think about their own wrong acts? for maintaining Harmony in society no body should misuse any extra benefits awarded to them by god or law.

  24. Kausshal Sarawgi says:

    Its an honor to see a lady believing in men. Reading through this blog also made me realize that these topic/points should not give any men to take advantage of women thinking tht there is a backup support. All we got to realize that start respecting the human beings., dont make it a butcher shop country. In the events that happened in 2013, it does not gives that happiness to call ourselves “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN” ours

  25. Thanks, it is the fact and truth…

    Everyone should realize this …..

  26. venkat says:

    Well said, I appriciate this initiative. This will help future males. These fales cases are arranged by cunning feminists to gain from men. Or to gain the man itself.

  27. Ajay Brahme says:

    One of the best views. Feminism is so misunderstood. Feminism is more about earning respect for one’s feminine being. The way it is being practised and propagated is so illogical, absurd and non-sensical that one wonders as to why are these feminists abusing their own body in the name of feminism. Though it is going beyond frailty (thy name is woman) but for sure it does not mean those idiotic movements starting from bra burning to the recent trends. Respecting oneself would beget respect from others is such a simple thought which needs to be understood by these so called feminists. They should have looked at the genesis of this movement. It was all driven by market economics when the capitalists (mostly men) wanted to sell their products they sowed the seeds of this movement. If you have any doubt just consider the recent products such as ‘clean and clear intimate wash’ and you will have all the answers!

  28. kamal says:

    kudos deepika, number 12 point is absolute killer.

  29. Anamika says:

    superbly written Deepika. I truly second your thoughts here… equality in its totality… no double standards.. there is surely a BIG need to people to stop misusing laws… to use the respect and protection you are given as a woman, against a man is super easy. Shame on such woman…

  30. Tarun says:

    We Men are thankfull to society that Deepika like women are also there. We may not waste our life, happiness, family everything if all other kind women (who were our lovely life partner) can think atleast some percentege of your thinking. They made our life like a blank paper.

    Excellent blog Deepika!!!!!!!!

  31. india.victim.498 says:

    Great effort, well written, based on Ground Reality. Will the biased Society and lawmakers accept the naked truth ?

  32. Nick says:

    A user by the name of “women” has presented her only her side of the picture, its only your point of view that relation of husband-wife is top of all the relations in the world,man-woman relation may certainly be the means of procreation and companionship in the world but certianly and definitely can not be put on top of all the relations, the notion of comparing relations itself by certain women is the main cause of jealousy, when wives start to feel that their relation with the husband is the supreme of all and not that of his as a son(to his mother) and as a brother(to his sister).You remember Shurpnakha who took Ravan to his death, do not forget Krishna who was sister to draupadi and saved her modesty while chherharan, do not quote from the scriptures what is convenienet to you.Also, if you want to quote from traditions it was said bahu doli mein aati hai aur arthii mein jaati hai, ladki ke maa-baap beti ke ghar ka paani bhi nahi peete, certainly I do not agree to these, but if you quote from ramayana, are you ready to do this.I know you will say no.Also, in Savadhan India there have been many episodes where women have cheated on their husbands and what bnot with their pararmour, As Ms Deepika said in this well writeen and balanced piece that Please don’t use your gender as a trump card whenever you wish to use it that way.Try to appreciate the various relations and then STOP calling husband-wife relation on top of all.If at all there is any relation in this world that is supreme it is of Mother and Son/daughter.
    You may have suffered at someone, but do not let that blind your sense of judgement.

    • Women says:

      its not blind sense of judgement… but this is truth that husband and wife relation is on the top of all other relations…. how can you forget mother was first wife of husband then only she become mother…. so, this is the top of all relations and even With ram ji sita ji accepted all difficulties just for the sake of her husband and not ram ji’s mother and it was shrupnakha who actually responsible for ravan’s death…..

      • Nick says:

        Actually, you are confused, get some clarity.If it was shurpnakha who was responsible for ravan’s death, if you have a brother, does that mean you will be responsible for his death or do you also got your brother married off for money.Also, you must have a father, did you file a rape charge agaisnt him when he stopped you from going out in the night.Please dont cry I am girl everytime and STOP being hypocritical in the name of feminism, it will do no good to women in the long run

      • Nick says:

        Also, Sita followed Ram to the jungle, so definitely Mata Kaushalya must be happy,and if Sita would have always insulted his mother, Ram would never have tolerated that, and please STOP quoting from the Rmayana, today’s woman is no Sita nor the men are Ram, and gone are the times when women like Sita would dare to go through the agni-pariksha.

      • kevin says:

        That days are gone marriage a business for women to loot money legally from husband. Man should avoid women and stop marriage same like western countries.

  33. C.d. Wilson says:

    Well expressed write-up. But only a very small minority of people (both men and women) will publicly agree with what you tried to establish. A woman has narrated her story of DOWRY Harassment which could be very true; but that woman understands her problem only and she again tries to establish that ALL Women are victims like her. That is the problem with the present Indian Society and this Volatile and crazy MOB try to establish a particular case/event/crime to be a universal Factor. The Media and the Feminists fan this evil cry of this MOB with Ulterior Motives only and try to establish their EVIL AGENDA for political Vote_Bank. If few more Women were to think like you, there would be NO Necessity of these discriminating ANTI_MALE Laws in India.
    I think, there was no necessity of a RETHINK / EDIT by you regarding the Sincerity of the Young woman employee (of course you could be also Right about her but most probably NOT, from what I know about such Media/Business Bashes in GOA/Bangkok, Singapore etc.). I have already expressed my own view in my Article “MEDIA BOSSES and BOOB TICKLERS” in a lighter vein.

  34. Nick says:

    I really dont know how to Thank you,you have so simply and superbly put what many men go through.”Men and women are differently equal, don’t try to make a man a woman and a woman a man” sum up your great understanding of human nature.I can not but appricate and agree with each single word you have put here.This just shows the sensitive person you must be.I acn not help but say , you must be a man in a woman’s body.I know this goes against all that you have expressed here, but please take it as a compliment, I am sure you would understand my logic behind.Thanks again !

  35. Nick says:

    I am reading it over and over again 🙂

  36. india.victim.498 says:

    A respondent by id “women” thinks no one has the right to say truth if
    he/she is not a victim. Strange !!!

    According to her; Mother-in-Law want to marry son & sister-in-law want
    to marry brother for money. Does she also likes to marry her brother
    for money ?

    Her advocacy regarding false case /true case etc clearly shows that she
    is far far away from ground reality and based on her personal experience
    (assuming what she says is TRUE), she is trying to change the figure 98%
    to a fantasy. What an effort.

    Now come to the point of taking back a 498a wife. Incident teach lesson.
    Even who are not a victim of 498a, they know the legal terrorism done by
    this law. Once a wife apply this tool to torture the Husband’s family
    there are is hardly any chance to reconcile.

    Need more strict laws to abuse ? Laws are mede for Sitas but been used
    by Suparnakhas & demand of more strict laws to completely destroy family system.
    May GOD save us

    I also want GOD to come down and give Justice… Justice to 65000 Husbands commit suicide every year. Justice to their 65000 family. Punishment to the 65000 abuser. Punish those who abuse law to suppress own adultery, punish them who abuse law to extort money from Husband’s family. GOD has to come down as there are 49 laws to protect women (no matter if complaint is false) but ZERO for men. GOD MUST COME. IF NOT HE SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED AS GOD

    Sorry friends if I say something that hearts anyone.

    • Nick says:

      Rightly said india.victim.498.

    • beaware498a says:

      “Laws were made for Sitas but been used by Suparnakhas”…can’t beat that statement, lol.

    • Women says:

      india.victim.498 maine truth se kabhi nhi bhaagi na kabhi bhagugi… main to sirf yehi keh rahi thi ki har ladki buri nhi na hi har ladka bura hai… agr aap yaha ladkiyon ki burai kar rahe ho toh socho woh bhi ladkiya hai jinhe aaj bhi jalaya ja raha hai dahej ke liye…. khair aap se kya kaha jaye… kaash ki aapki beti yah behn ko yeh sab dekhna pade tabhi jawaab dena….
      kisi ke dard ka mazak banana assan hai.. par wahi dard jab khud par aayega tab dena jawaab…

      • india.victim.498 says:

        “kaash ki aapki beti yah behn ko yeh sab dekhna pade tabhi jawaab dena” —
        my sis/mom & entire family have seen “yah sab” and now they feel shame of being women, because they know by now, how Law can be abused to suppress wrongdoing by woman.

        “main to sirf yehi keh rahi thi ki har ladki buri nhi na hi har ladka bura hai” — You are very much true, I feel that when I see my mother & sister never misused law to destroy family/ tortured innocent. You are very true. But there is a ratio u know. 98% abused. Every one is not lucky to have a wife from that 2% good. What do u think ?

        “agr aap yaha ladkiyon ki burai kar rahe ho toh socho woh bhi ladkiya hai jinhe aaj bhi jalaya ja raha hai dahej ke liye” — hmmm , so U R trying to reach at a balanced platform, no ? Well, abuser R abuser, there is no other term which can fit here. Law is made for welfare of citizens & not GENDER. Crime has no Gender, punish criminal but not punish specific gender. punish criminal but not innocent. Women should not use Law to suppress adultery. Universe has a habit, it gives everything back.

        And remember Neither mother wants to marry son nor sister wants to marry brother for money. If you don’t believe ask ur self & u get the ans.

  37. sanjay mehra says:

    If you are so unhappy with your marriage, then you should get a divorce rather than blaming your mother-in-law and sister-in-law for being evil. Nobody should be forced to endure harassment and abuse and that includes your in-laws. If your marriage is not working out and your husband cannot see things as you would wish him to do. If you are being harassed for money to save your marriage, my advise to you would be to save your money and ditch your marriage, instead of crying buckets of useless tears to malign your in-laws.
    Nobody should be forced to endure any relationship at their own expense, financial or emotional. And that includes your husband too. When your marriage broke down, it was the breakdown for two people, not just you alone. So stop cribbing and get a life for yourself.
    And anyway, the moment your in-laws are charged with dowry harassment, DVA or other cases, your marriage is as good as over. So get a life and move on instead of advocating militancy and moral bankruptcy in marital relationships.

    • Nick says:

      The “women” is the kind of woman who have used the laws to malign and size-up the husband and in-laws just because she wants his money her choice, his body her choice, his relations her choice.

      • sanjay mehra says:

        You need to get a life, lady instead of blaming the mess in your life on other people. When you start taking responsibility for your own life, including the good and the bad, then you may not need to malign and blame other people for the mess in your life. If my sister had a mother-in-law and sister-in-law like yours and could not cope with them, my advise to her would be the same. Ditch the marriage and save your tears for somebody else.
        Basically you are a cribber and the internet has given your cribbing nature a wider audience. You have no desire to put in the effort required to put your life in order, because you want it all for free without effort. Sorry, lady, the buck stops here and there are no free lunches in life. Love is for free but respect has to be earned. And that does not come with filing false cases.
        And for what ? Your marriage is over the day you need the police to sustain it. So get real and get a life.

    • Women says:

      Mr.sanjay mehra dua karugi ki mere pati , saas aur nanand jaisa aapki behn ko mile.. phir dena jawaab…

    • Women says:

      jaise meri mother in-law , sister in-law and mera pati hai kaash ki bhawaan tumhari behn yah beti ko de… phir jawaab dena???????? aur kisi ka mazak udaane se pehle sochna ki kal ko tumhare saath bhi yehi ho sakta hai… vaise i’ll definately pray for this ki aap ki zindagi mein ek baar jo nark maine dekha hai aap bhi jaroor dekho..

      • Sufferer says:

        And I will pray the way my wife falsely implicated me, my mother, father, brother and bhabhi, same way your Son’s wife should implicate you, your husband and all other near and dear relatives. Only than you will understand how this laws are misused. Until and unless you become the victim you won’t understand the pain. And I am not saying that Women are not harassed but to protect them there are so many laws and there are no laws which protects Men, Mother in Law etc. And if you are so un happy with the marriage than apply for the Divorce. Women atleast have that. Men who are un-happy with the marriage can’t even apply for the Divorce bcoz second day after filing the divorce there will be line of atleast 12 cases. Open ur mind and think logically.

  38. Chirag says:

    This is an Awesome Article Deepika, We need to think before our Country will be spoiled due to Spupid Laws. Our Families and relationships are getting ruined due to these laws

  39. india.victim.498 says:

    This Article has become my favorite one. Coming back again & again to re-read.
    GOD bless the Author for such TRUE & FANTASTIC post.

  40. lovethywife says:

    Great Post Deepika.. An “in the face” kind of post for feminists. I am convinced none of them will comeback and argue with you.

    Also visit my recent post on my blog at:

  41. Prashant Satsangi says:

    Deepika , I am an Indian and I salute you for the fight for married men … you are doing something out of the way … for victims of 498a ; may God Bless Us !

    Let me know … if in any ways or means I can help you physically to meet the Win of this fight !
    All the Best !!!

    A Victim of 498A :
    Prashant !

  42. Totally agree with u deepika. theses days girls have made this as a habit to tk thr men or men in general for granted!

  43. Great article : 20 commandments for the empowered women. Why does “Empowerment of women” always has to do with sending men to Jail. Is empowerment merely about “framing laws for framing Men”.

    Feminism is a movement of hatred. It is the manifestation of hatred of those women who failed in their own lives is every possible way. These people have no goal in their lives except to proving a point. And the point they want to prove is “Sex is mightier than wisdom”

  44. captjksharma says:

    Has the word “Empowerment” been succinctly defined ? Can the Feminize give me that definition to the last detail? Second question to them, “Does not Ordering of Maintenance to an educated, capable person, amounts to providing ‘Crutches’ to an able bodied person? ” Are you working towards converting “Marriage into legalized prostitution”?

  45. captjksharma says:

    Feminize If you have issues with “Patriarchy” , well no one is stopping you from putting in efforts to convert the system into “Matriarchy” , starting with your oneself,…….. by marrying a person less endowed than you and make him sit at home,………. to look after house, do laundry, do cooking and wait for you, … take him out to your parties, shopping, entertainment and all that…….what is expected of a normal leader of the household pack …. but for your own sake….do not try to arm twist “Patriarchy”….. and convert husbands who are Engineers & Doctors into Criminals,….. by getting them alleged to be involved in false cases of 498A & DV Act…….

  46. Tauheed says:

    gud piece of writing Ma’am, I wud like to add here and tell the pain of the members of community, who are innocent, but falsely fabricated cases of terrorism, Jailed and after few years released without any involvement in any such activities, ruined career, lost social values,..very much similar to M.o.M……

  47. Atul Rathod says:

    Madam, First of all hats off to your not so visible but sterotyped attitude towards men from society.God have made us unequal so that we can flourish as an entity to compliment each other.I’m sure men in your life must be very proud for understanding them so perfect!

  48. Great article as always Deepika. Keep being logical.

  49. kevin says:

    Brilliant madam and many thanks for highlighting problem of man. You have to start
    writing in national news papers so that more people will understand the real ptoblems .

  50. aakanksha says:

    Really nyc articl mam i apperciate your thoughts but mam we must not forget dat evry coin has 2 sides
    U told us d dark side of females in corporate culture but u r forgtin dat real india is 90% rural.. I m a girl livin in a vry small town i knw hw it feels while travlin in private buses…gtin mentally n physically absud evry day..its good dat u r takin initiativ for equality but mam males n females complete each other dey cn nvr b equal dis is d thing u hv to undrstnd n mak ppl undrstnd
    U presntd really well d in laws part i compltly agree ..dis is d reality ..dis thing is actually happnin in our society but d second part is ask a mothr whoz girl child is killd before birth n in some cases aftr birth.. Is she happy wid d in laws…
    Talk to D actual rape victims ..d acid victims ..d real dowry victims.. den u cud realise dat the percentage of real case is far more than dat of fraud cases…
    N den decide shuld dese laws for women empowerment b chngd..??

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