MAY 1 – SIFF activists LABOUR against Marriage Law Amendment Bill

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May 02, 2013

It all stared with an email that boiled everyone’s heart….Can we just sit and see this happening? Shouldn’t we do something about it? What will happen? We will get arrested….Let it be!!! What more can happen than all the false cases on us? But we can’t let this happen with our future generation!

My heart any ways was boiling since the morning. I knew this instigation has to reach a fruitful end. THE ACTION THUS STARTED. One email, couple of responses and the SIFF Delhi Team came into action. It was 8pm in the night. Watsapp pings started coming in fraction of seconds. Venue was decided…7 Race Course Road…time was decided…calls made, messages sent, confirmations made and we were set.

What I witnessed yesterday was nothing I had seen in the last one year of my knowing SIFF. It was a revolution of sorts. Though we were probably just 50 or 60 ….each one of us protested with a voice of hundred activists inside us. Because what’s coming would not leave us in any position to answer our future generations. So there we were, in front of the Prime Minister of India’s residence, trying to raise our voice against this most regressive piece of legislation which is being touted by the feminists as “progressive”.

We never expected what we witnessed after that gathering…here’s a glimpse…


Media covering the protest


Police completely confused


Being taken into Police Custody


Teena talks to the media


Manoj Vishwakarma with his “Ichcha Mrityu” slogan


On way to the Police Station


Me talking to the media


It’s DO or DIE

The evening saw all of us on National Media….Glad that the bill has been stalled for a while…let’s see till where do the efforts bear fruits. At least we could tell our future generation, we did put up a great fight! Click on the videos to view.

Deepika on NDTV India

Deepika on NDTV India

I was confronted with two biggest feminists of this country who had no logic in what they were saying. Geeta Luthra gave really sensible and logical points on how the new Marriage Amendment Bill is full of fallacies and how it will completely destroy the institution of marriage in India. This was my third debate. With some experience from the past panels, i knew i would be given very less time. I made sure i keep voicing my opinion against some ridiculous explanations coming from the foreign camp. To my surprise the debate ended before it could start. But nonetheless it was another drop in the ocean of fight against IRBM and the MAD bill. Click on photo to view the video.

My fellow SIFF activists on other media…click on the photos to watch the debate –

Teena Sharma on Zee News

Teena Sharma on Zee News

Rajan on NDTV 24x7

Rajan on NDTV 24×7

Teena on Zee News and Rajan Bhasin on  NDTV  24×7 answering every logical that can be raised about the validity of such a bill with elan!

Atit on NDTV

Atit on NDTV 24×7

Atit on NDTV. I wondered why did    the link of only Atit fail in this video. A deliberate attempt by NDTV? Every panelist in this debate was linked from their respective places but the only connection that went down was of Atit. He was only one talking about rights of husbands in this entire debate and he was cut off. Hear Ranjana Kumari’s absolutely insane logics when Nidhi asks her “what happens when a marriage is barely six months.” She comfortably avoids the questions and rattles about discrimination on women. Also, to our surprise she talks about “Spouse” for the first time rather than talking about only women. A welcome move but we all know it would remain at the level of this debate only, they have already planted the roots for an extremely biased bill, which they will make sure gets passed in the same format.

Jyoti on Headlines Today

Jyoti on Headlines Today

Jyoti Tiwari on Headlines Today.  While we were protesting at the PM Residence,JT(as we fondly call her had taken the morcha at the media stations.

We made sure the voice was heard in every nook and corner.

The activities in every part of the country is a testimony to how people’s lives would be completely ruined by this draconian bill. Like 498A, people who need it won’t get it and the people who get it wouldn’t be the ones who should get it. This whole game by feminists is to rob the rich and affluent of this country from their hard earned money and assets. There wouldn’t have been a better “How to get Rich formula” in the entire world than the new Hindu Marriage Amendment Bill. There is no need to now make girls in India study or work hard to stand on their own feet, all that they would worry about is marrying a rich and filthy guy and then take away half of his property through IRBM.

I hope as the eventual decision would lie in the hands of judges, we have people who would not succumb to pressures of the feminists and saveguard human rights in the best of their capacities.

I would definitely write a sequel to this blog five years from now when a lot of families would have been destroyed, if this bill comes into place in its current form.

In the end, a beautiful summary of why the New Marriage Amendment Bill will be the biggest disaster for Indian families: Every word of this post is worth thousand thoughts. THINK ABOUT IT.

  1. Amresh Kumar says:

    Darkest part of the democacy is fool and idiots are elected by fools and illiterate(by vote majority), and finally ruled on evry class and kind of the people. Hence, in such senario, those idiots does not care of any body’s problem and solutions, they love their pocket and power instead of the nation, governance and justice. The Reason behind Most successfull democatic nation USA, is only that majority of the citizen is well educated, and they vote very judicialy. They understand the value of their vote. You can imagin what was the reason beind not to allow the women to vote utill 1962 in such a successful democracy. Its very simple, they do not wanted to allow the weightless or bogus vote. They dont want to come-up any idiots as ruler. Where as in india, any politician doesnt have any fear of the voter. They dont fear of any injustice created by them. Its very clear this IrBM/MAD bill is made just to grab the vote, nothing else. It is just in reply of Ram-Raheem game of other party. Untill and unless voter understand it…. They are killing themself.
    Jai Hind!

  2. Amresh Kumar says:

    More over this bill/law will be appreciated only by those women, who doesn’t love their husband by any reason. And those women love their husband and doesn’t have any complication form either side…. For them this law, not at all makes any sense. So, finally number of harassed women by this law is more. Judging the innocent and offensive women(judging b/w victim/offender) will be really the gr8 joke.

  3. dr.pawan rajyan says:

    very good deepika.thanks a lot

  4. manish goel says:

    let all parents decide to make a will that after their death their entire property will go to save indian family organization rather than giving to daughter in law

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      Why not Manish. You can connect with Atit from Men’s Rights Association Pune and donate funds in case you wish to for this noble cause. SIFF does a lot of activities in which funds are needed. Everything happens through personal contribution, so i am sure your support will help the movement.

  5. manish goel says:

    can we make siff like a swiss bank where a man can donate his entire finances and later get back after his case

  6. Good Boy says:


  7. Dr.M. Mumtaz Qureshi says:

    पत्नि को पति की प्रोपर्टी में ५०% का अधिकार देने से पारिवारिक झगडे और बढेंगे इससे पति पत्नि का आपसी विश्वास ख़तम हो जाएगा , वेसेभी मोजुद दोर के घरेलु हिंसा कानून २००५, दहेज़ प्रताड़ना कानून ४९८ (अ) और गार्जियन एंड वार्डस एक्ट के कारन कई परिवार बर्बाद हो चुके हें. सभी कानून के जानकारों से अनुरोध हें की वे एक ऐसा कानून बनावे जिससे परिवार सकुशल बना रहे न की पारिवारिक झगडे अदालतों में कई सालों तक रेंगते रहें और नतीजा परिवार के बिखराव के रूप में सामने आए. कानून जो भी बने जेंडर इक्विटी को ध्यान में रखकर बनाया जाए न की जेंडर बायस्ड हो .
    कानून बनाने वाले महानुभावों से निवेदन हें कि वे पश्चिमी सभ्यता की अंधी नक़ल न करें भारतीय सभ्यता ,संस्कृति और धर्म को सामने रखते हुवे कानून बनावें .


    @ Deepika and others
    Thanks a tonne for fighting for a SENSEFULL CAUSE, that does make some sense to me.
    Equal rights , equal laws and equal PUNISHMENTS……
    I urge the fellow readers , just do not make this blog as another newspaper story.
    Support and spread the word. Remember we close our eyes to this EPIDEMIC , some body in our own family will PAY THE PRICE.

  9. MS says:

    Well! Guys I am citizen of UK but I am worried about you guys my brothers living in India. You guys need to protest against it up to any extent. This bill is definitely bringing innocent people on street day after day and if women thinks that they are saved then they are not because this is not going to save any family. It will be used like a weapon against families not just against husbands. If you are wife then think about your brothers and relatives and so on. So please protest against it and support SIFF.
    You see women barking day night supporting these bills are divorcee/separated themselves with no future and family. They don’t know the importance of family and they are just about to give another nuclear weapon in the hands of anti-social and anti-family bitches.

  10. vivek gaur says:

    Yes. i do agree that this bill only gives strength to those who believes in separation as unjustified support to those women who believe in creating complications,just satisfying their ego for unjustified reasons ..Politicians and policy makers should think twice before act on it…This bill is gender bias, having big loopholes likewise duration of marriage,consequence of relationship and even not having consideration of other female members in the family..Justice means punishment to guilty and support to sufferer which is not reflected here as assets and liabilities,inherent properties must put together for both male and female while deciding anything..In today’s world women are also having good earning and financial status…Moreover in some cases males are financially weaker in comparison to female..
    I support SIFF for this reason and will standby with them…

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