World that’s UNFAIR to Men

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here’s a look at various news reports that would force you think if woman is always the one “oppressed” and if Man is always the “tormentor”

  1. Husband has to pay maintenance to wife, even when he can’t sustain himself:
  2. LEGAL RAPE: India’s fastest growing crime:
  3. 3 Years, 16 Convictions, Approx 25,000 Cases : TRUTH of the Domestic Violence Act :
  5. Man commits suicide due to harassment by Wife and In-Laws:
  6. Man hangs himself afer argument with wife :
  7. She wanted the parental home to be transferred in her name, else file False complaint. HE ENDED HIS LIFE :
  8. Man sets himself ablaze in front of eyes of wife and her whole family – Isn’t this cold blooded murder?
  9. THE WOMAN MURDERER: Married Woman pushes boyfriend to commit suicide:
  10. WIFE AND HER FATHER WANTED THE FLAT IN THEIR NAME. Pankaj Sancheti had no option but to kill himself.
  11. A 12 PAGE suicide note to tell the story how CRUEL a woman can be. ENTIRE FAMILY COMMITS SUICIDE.
  12. Man driven to suicide, FALSE DOWRY CASE scared him to death
  13. NOT EVEN POLICE SPARED : PSI , already suffering from a disease slapped with dowry charge. FInally kills himself.
  14. He did not kill her in reality, but strangulated himself in REAL :
  15. His only mistake was that he wanted his wife back in his life :
  1. vaibhav says:

    hello mam… today at 14 feb i saw u at nd tv prime show…… i think vo ap hi thee jo men ki problem ko share karte hue equal low bnaye jane ki bat kar rhe thee… me is issue per ap se aur discuss ksrna chahta hu….


    @ Deepika
    Thanks a tonne for FINALLY fighting for a SENSEFULL CAUSE, that does make some sense to me.
    Equal rights , equal laws and equal PUNISHMENTS……
    I urge the fellow readers , just do not make this blog as another newspaper story.
    Support and spread the word. Remember we close our eyes to this EPIDEMIC , some body in our own family will PAY THE PRICE.

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