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After a long time, I am in awe of a film.  So much so that I thought to pen down something for everyone to read …..so that no one misses this beautiful creation of some brilliant and soulful minds.

Vicky Donor is a film….but more than that its moving visuals that teach u a lot about LIFE and how we should look at it. So here is my list of reasons why this movie is a must watch and what it teaches us about life:

Life is not JUST about WORK…Thank God that ur ALIVE

Vicky Arora: A quintessential young lad who doesn’t have a job. Likes to party and hang around with friends. Spends mama’s money and is Chilling out…..perfect example of boys who are usually considered Irresponsible, Idiot and a big Joke.  BUT….Does it take away his zeal to do something in life? Zeal to make it big? NO!. More than all that…though he is always put down by the society, he does not elope somewhere like a coward and commit suicide but sticks around wid his mom and Dadi. Youngsters today, frustrated by little failures in life take extreme steps without realizing what would happen to their parents n loved ones. We give so much importance to work, job, status and everything else that we fail to recognize how lucky we are just to be alive. Vicky tells u…it isn’t always just about work work n work…chilling out is important too. And if u don’t have work right now…its okay…its okay to be jobless and chill out!!! What matters is, you are there with people for whom you matter the most!

Drinking….ehhhhh its not that bad man….let Dadi n Mommy njoy!!! :

Drinking in our society is considered bad. Especially if a woman drinks she is looked down upon. While everyone wants a girlfriend who drinks, rarely someone wants a wife who boozes. Vicky Donor shows  us an extraordinary woman who has lost her husband, has an old mother in law to look after, has a son who doesn’t work….She can sit and sulk and cry at her ill fate like most women do( and bitch about others)…but no…she is giving back to life…working hard for her loved ones and making ends meet. In midst of all that if she sips a glass or two in the night and has her own moments of happiness…how does it matter?? Everyone on this earth has the right to be happy..why not a mother. Same goes for Dadi…she’s high on life even at this age…a great example fr people who start calling themselves old as soon as they cross 40 🙂 

Education, Status and Money is not the only thing…

We often always evaluate people on basis of money, education, family background, status, job, blah blah except on what the other person really is. I loved the moment in the film where Vicky is completely lost when his wife Ashima leaves him n go. He has money n can get whatever he wants…but his happiness revolves around one person. Divorces today are happening so frequently cuz no one has the patience to put up with slight disagreement. The beautiful conversations between the couple shows how important it is to keep that bond of love alive and rest everything can be taken care of! I remember during my Landmark forum our leader said….the extent to which u love a person is the extent to which u can tolerate that person, get irritated by the things he/she does but still be okay with it. We tolerate many things our brothers/sisters/mom/dad/daughter/son do but when it comes to our better half we expect them to be perfect…how is that possible in reality? That’s the reason marriages are breaking everyday. If egos and expectations are kept aside I think life can be beautiful….

Divorced Kudi….haay mere Raam…Grow UP

Divorce is still considered a stigma in our world. However much we advance, as soon as people hear the other person is divorced, the first reaction is…”Oh my Gawwwwd…she/he is divorced.” It is all the more difficult for a girl. I love Vicky’s mom in the film when she readily accepts vicky’s decision to marry a divorced girl. Parents often get their kids married against their wishes…but eventually its the kid who has to suffer later.  True happiness is a matter of feelings and if the beginning is on a sour note…journey can only be bitter. Moreover its not education that makes a person a perfect human being. Vicky’s wife is so right when she asks her father that if the man they married her to earlier was intellectual, smart, educated, why did he lie to her. Why did he cheat her?

If two people decide to spend their lives together…let it be…they are the best judge of their own lives!

DO everything possible for someone who has helped in your life:

It often happens in life that someone helps us in our time of need, we feel really obliged at that time, but later in life completely forget about that person and what’s happening in their life. Vicky helps Dr. Chadda come out of a tough situation and gives life to his dying business. When Dr Chadda learns about d situation in vicky’s life…he does vrything to bring it bak to normal. Not only he  takes extra efforts but goes beyond his limits to help unite Vicky and Ashima. If we look back, its not how much money someone shelled out on us, but who made us feel good or bad which we remember in life and if someone has made us feel good and taken out of shit, u must do everything possible for d other person too !

Knock Knock…Is everything inside OKAY?

Last but not the Least….

Vicky Donor teaches us a lesson to look inside our own selves. Its very easy to point finger at situations, people, past, upbringing, circumstances etc etc but its very dificult to look at our own shortcomings. Vicky’s wife holds him responsible for lying to her. She interprets it as his wrong intention and makes it a reason to separate. While the truth is she is angry at her own self for being incapable of becoming a mother. When ur irritated with your own self, ur irritated with the world, when ur happy with ur ownself, it shows everywhere. So next you are angry at something…look deep inside what exactly is the trouble…

Read it till here???? What are you doing now?? Go and watch the movie if you haven’t and come back and add to the list if you learnt something more than all this 🙂 🙂

Disclaimer: I myself am a victim of the absurd thinking mentioned above. This is not a post to preach anything but just share my observations and take aways from the film. BUT if u haven’t seen Vicky Donor…go n WATCH IT NOW!!!

  1. smilingserendipitously says:

    Deepika.. u just stole my words in this piece.. 🙂 since the day iv seen this film.. iv been talking and saying the same things about this film to people! Some agreed.. some said they couldn’t relate with this film.. some just saw the nasty side of Delhi…!But what nobody could deny was that this film brought about a modern outlook to most of the things, especially the things and situations that are considered to be a ‘taboo’ or something in a hypocritical society like ours! Modern women like us have so much in common with this film, thats why we can see this film with such feminist perspective as well. Giving it a humanist touch, this film truly reminds us of what we as human beings tend to forget and ignore in our busy daily lives. What really matters at the end of the day is not what you do, from where you come, what socio-economic cultural background you belong to,..nothing.. nothing at all..but how large a heart one can have and how embracing and positive one can be in their life! Vicky donor has been refreshing flick after a very long time! If it couldnt make people think about all this, the film definitely succeeded in bring about a huge smile to people’s faces and im sure thats what it intended to do more than anything else! 🙂 Thank you for such a lovely write-up! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Zarafalak says:

    “Vicky Donor” ahhh cant xpresss in wordzzz but still it has evrythin vich Deepika posted… Unlike oder moviez wich always surroundz wid Hero,, Heroine nd,, Villian nd also around so called Luv Story but at d same tym Vicky Donor also has Luv Story bt nt in rubbish manner instead a unique luv story vich is Outstandin 2 watch… At first d main topik in d movie SPERM DONATION is treated sumthin vulgar in 2dayzz society but d movie says dat itz not so nd also in much scene Dr Chadda says datz it is a Legal job…i really amused by seeing D gr8 AYUSHMANN KHURRANS hidden talentss… He is juz amazn… Thanxxx alot Ayushmann 4 such a beautiful film wid a Beautiful concept… Love u soooooooo much,,,, nd at last whoever had not watched movie i wana say 4 dem dat “They r missing the most spiciest moment of life”…. So VICKY DONOR is a must watch film wid no doubt :)….

  3. Super Like this story more than “Vicky Donor” film. 🙂 it took my heart away!

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