Young Indian Entrepreneur Conclave – Delhi 2010

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It was an evening to celebrate the true spirit of entrepreneurship in the capital yesterday, when YIE got together a panel of distinguished speakers and entrepreneurs to inform educate and interact with budding entrepreneurs from around the NCR region. I personally loved the arrangements done by GNIM for the conclave. I can recall all the discussions with Vijay since last February, the time we have been trying to organize this event.  Paid/Unpaid, Proper venue/coffee hall, Eminent speakers or budding entrepreneurs, online/offline, there were lot of things to think on and lot of things to work on. We started with a team of 6-7 people, that’s the time I also came on board YIE. Slowly slowly it was 2-3 which were left finalizing the things and actually making it happen. While the discussions were ripe, I had to travel to UK and thought I would pretty much miss the event. But I was glad when Vijay told me that its happening on 21st and 16th was my return 🙂

Spent pretty much last 3-4 days preparing and running around for the event. I am glad there was Mr Sunil Garg to run around along with me to see all the things through. In fact he is the one because of whom this whole event has been a possibility. None the less, we both were scared of the rains playing a spoil spot and they indeed did 😦 ………Although we had registrations from around 150 participants, we actually saw only few turning up. I knew this will happen and in anticipation of this I had actually written a mail to all the registered participants “to dare the rains and come”, but I guess rains were too daring to shatter everyone’s desires. One of the entrepreneurs actually wrote a mail in response to my mail, saying he was really keen on changing the real estate business scenario and wants to start on his own in the same space, but couldn’t really manage to come from Gurgaon to Delhi to attend the event due to rains. Not being sarcastic, but I guess you have to get out of your comfort zone to gain anything in life. Though I was disappointed, Mr Singh, the director of GNIM told me a beautiful thing “ Deepika, if even one of these turn out to be like a Narayan Murthy or Ambani, our job for today is done 🙂 . So true……loved his optimism”

With that optimism I started the session and our first speaker was Mr Rajendra Pratap Gupta. Being the anchor, I was involved in a lot more things than listening to Rajendra. But one thing I noticed during the presentation….he did not use quotes of others but had his own quotes coined by himself, so pertinent and so to the point he was talking.  Sharing the quotes I liked the most from his presentation:

600,000 villages, 7000 towns and 200 million job seekers in a hi-tech world present a formidable challenge and a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs

We need Innovative entrepreneurship in the REALRural, Education, Agriculture, Livelihood World

Fortune 500 companies were not created by rich and elite, every Fortune 500 company came out of an idea, a passion to serve & change the world. Now that the business cycles have been reduced to 10 years from the earlier 50 years, it’s your time to create something that we all can be proud of in India

Stage all set.......

When I was writing the introduction for Rajendra, I knew I was writing about someone who has exceptional achievements but it was when I met him personally that I came to know that he has actually achieved things people only dream to in their whole life…..things which took him only few years. And when I asked what the reason behind his success is, he said nothing but bringing a new dimension to anything he does. Quite true….what’s the use of doing things which have already been done again and again…..innovation is the key, If everyone thinks about it.

It was Prabakaran’s session next. Prabakaran is the founder of, a tech job site in US. Meeting Prabakaran refreshed my memories of interview with Narayan Murthy. Just like him, Prabakaran is also just so simple yet so inspiring. He captivated the audience not only with his own story but with his thoughts on entrepreneurship as well. I loved his idea of 3 P’s. He shared that an entrepreneur must have these 3P’s in order to succeed: Passion, persistence and Patience. Passion for his/her idea, persistence towards making it happen and patience to see it work. Another thought of his which inspired me as a person was to “START IT NOW” or it’s never. Most of us are afraid of taking risks, and thus never dare to start. But the fact is if you are thinking of entrepreneurship, you start it either now or you do it never. The next speaker was Mr Pugazhenthy, former national President of The Indian Institute of Metals and presently Executive Director, India Lead Zinc Development Association. Mr Pug not only shared stories of successful entrepreneurs in India who have changed the face of our country today, but also encouraged everyone to think differently and explore possibilities. He spoke about the global opportunities available today and how Indian youth can work to capture these opportunities.

The tea session saw some heated discussion on the problems, opportunities, policies related to entrepreneurship among the participants and speakers. It was good to see people networking with each other and fostering relationships. I guess that’s what the whole motive of the conclave was…to help like minds connect, share and grow.

Mr Mohit Malik, Principal Anoova Consulting , was our last speaker and he made it really interactive. Having experience working with entrepreneurs for last 10 years, he brought things to the ground which were different from others. He did not ask entrepreneurs to bridge the gap, or start something drastically different, but think how they can make best use of what they already have. He shared the story of Johnnie Walker, one of the most selling blended Scotch whisky in the world. John Walker did not introduce a new product, he just worked on the ones already available, mixed them and discovered the best blend of “All”. That’s what an entrepreneur can do as well. People spend years and years trying to figure what’s it which is not available, but there are very few who think about analysing what’s already there and what’s it that is needed to make it the best. He also shared with us the story of a very new company called “Khopcha” which a serial entrepreneur has started to serve food in the parking lots. It’s a Dine-In-car Concept where you can get your small table laid out inside a car and get some goodies along with the food. The examples definitely left impressions in mind of participants to think not only “out of the box” but uniquely even if “inside the box”.

With that the evening came to an end after short speech by Mr Sunil Garg on Supply chain Management and how entrepreneurs really need to know all about it to be successful in their ventures.

It was great anchoring the whole event and sharing thoughts and ideas with people from different walks of life, sharing similar beliefs about entrepreneurship. I shared a quote which I learnt at UK towards the end of the conclave to motivate the ones who dare to start… “You might not be able to do all the things that you want to in life, but never do anything that you don’t want to”. I hope the next event of YIE in Hyderabad is a success and more people turn up for it. With that thought, I pen down now and start preparing for my first anchoring assignment :). Cheers!!!


22nd August 2010

Stage all set........

  1. gopi jampani says:

    Hi! Deepika,


    It’s really amazing. Indeed a great job. While reading the whole thing I felt as if I was at the venue.


    Gopi Jampani.

    P.S. Pls correct Mr. Prabhakarn’s 3P’s: Passion has come twice. It’s Patience. Hope it was not intentional.

  2. Sameer says:

    Great review of the conclave. Excellent commentary, I enjoyed reading it as much as you enjoyed writing about it.

    India is a land of entrepreneurs and with more than 50% of population under the age of 25 years, I believe that the youth will take inspiration from those who have set up examples in front of us.

    All the best to the next YIE event.

    Sameer Sen, CSCM
    International Knowledge Network

  3. Manmohan says:

    Dear Deepka,
    I offer you plethora of thanks for organizing such an event. I am very much aligned with the REAL articulation and focus on Innovation by Mr. Rajendra. If we have fire in the eye for whatever we wants to do, be it ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ ideas or ‘INSIDE THE BOX IDEAS’ one would be able to make it meaningful and useful for 1000s of people around.
    This meaningfulness and usefulness can definitely lead towards EXCELLENCE, what i mean by this is – Please don’t create one more company/product/organization which would stand in the similar line of the thousands already existing.
    Todays YOUTH have courage to run behind EXCELLENCY, best in the world, if we think BIG and BEST- SUCCESS WOULD come all the time.
    Lets create a BIG IMPACT!!!!!!
    I would have loved to participate in the conclave!! Missed it.
    Keep in touch!

  4. Vikas says:

    Hi Deepika,

    When I registered for YIE I was in Delhi but now I am in Viskhapatnam and would definitely like to attend the conclave in Hyderabad. Please do elt me know the exact date and time. And Congrats for a great achievement. Please cognratulate the team on my behalf.


  5. Anju Garg says:

    Dear Deepika,

    A very nice write up !!! I am really sorry that I could not attend the event.

    Anju Garg

  6. Pradip says:

    Hi Deepika,
    I really enjoyed you write up. It is fantastic and I am regrating myself fot missing this opportunity and not attending the seminar.
    Hope will not miss any future seminar…..
    Pradip Rangholiya.

    • xpressionsDeepika says:

      No Worries Pradip….you pretty much got everything except the benefit of networking by reading the blog. shall keep you updated about the future events.

  7. Ismail says:

    Hi Deepika,

    Good write-ups, expert advice and the tips on the unexplored opportunities in India. Keep it up.

    Few suggestions / expectation from the next session :-

    1) Online webinar or MS Live meeting arrangement to join the conference in Hyderabad would be great.
    2) Advice for the new entrepreneur on the rules and regulations and how to crack the red-tapism for putting the ideas into action in the shortest possible time.

    Have a nice day.
    Ismail 🙂

  8. ARINDAM says:

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  10. Manish says:


    To look for schools, colleges, institutes, courses based in Delhi & the NCR, log onto

    Team Edutring

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