Each day to learn……..

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Though life has been full throttle learning all these days……..today was two experiences that made me learn two entirely different facets of life 🙂 M glad that i had these experiences cus things like these make you realize what life really is.

I went to attend the Franchise India 2009 event and took just 200 rupees along with me, cuz i thought they were more than enough for a commute from delhi to gurgaon and back, given the fact, the place i was going in delhi was not that far away from gurgaon. Thanks to the organizers of the event, they ran out of lunch coupons and i had to buy my food. I was damn hungry and at that moment i just went ahead and bought a roll worth rupees 120. i did not realize it that moment but when i went back to attend the sessions, my mind started thinking, how would i now manage my journey back to gurgaon. Though i could have easily got back to gurgaon with rupees 50 that were left with me, but still i was cursing myself to have spent that much amount knowing the fact that i might need more money while travelling. After 3 years of being independent and earning myself, i never experienced this ever before. But i guess its always the first time sometime in your life!!! And i guess this was my rub with the reality moment, when i realized the importance of money, the importance of spending money wisely. i realized that i could have managed my food in 5o rupees also and would have saved 120. but then, i am not used to thinking like that 😉 And i am glad that i had this moment , i now know how life can be sometime so tricky that even after having everything , it can leave you with nothing!!!

While, this was my brush with the reality, the next experience which followed moment after this episode was that of a dream!!! While i was in my confusions of how to get to gurgaon, one of the panel speakers, whom i connected with personally, crossed in front of me and asked where was i going. I knew she was going to the airport and was quick to say to a place which is similar to your way……..i got in with her and had the second experience of my life. It was called the Civic experience. The Honda civic experience. A car i had only heard about and never experienced!!! And there i was, after dropping lina, in it with a chaffeur, all the way to gurgaon, even without spending a single penny. A car which had no gears to worry about. A car which was as easy as butter. A car which was the epitome of luxury( of all i have been in until now). I reached home, all the way from delhi, having spent nothing, in all the luxury i could 🙂

So i learnt two things in life…………

While you have to take charge of life, life take its own charge, without even you planning for it.

When you worry about something too much, it becomes so easy for you that you could have never even expected.

Along with the learnings, a new desire added to millions of desires today……..to hav a Civic 🙂

Will surely get back to this post when  i own a one 🙂

November 26, 2009



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