Invest in good people who do good things.

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Saw two posts on TED today and realized how important it is to do good things.

One was by the creator of ebay who now owns a production company that produces films which can make a social impact and another by a documentary maker who made a film on his own dad, who spent his whole life building a city and not giving time to his own family.

Lods of things similar in both the talks. While in the first one, a man talks about what motivated him to do good, the other chronicles the story of a person who did good but perhaps his own people did not understand him. An irony, but thats how life is.

Something which struck me was the talk of Jeff Skoll, founder of Participant production, that produces work which can make an impact. Someone told him once ” Invest in good people who do good things.” Though he wanted to, but he wanted to financially independent to start doing that. I get into a dilemma here… we really need all the money of this world to start doing good things??? I mean Gandhi did not start thinking that he should have money first and then he would start changing things around? I feel its jsut your passion for something, and everything else follows.

After watching these videos, i personally feel more stronger about my idea that films are the best way to bring a change in the society. All that we need to do is to design creative measures to do that.

Ted quite inspires me to bring that change in the media scenario atleast which is getting worse day by day. I sometime wonder, when internet which is available to our disposal 24*7 can provide such amazing content to people, cant our hundreds of 24*7 channels provide content that makes little sense to humanity??? It would be one desire of mine to do this. And the channel would be mediapreneur. A channel that would provide the best of the visual world to people. A platform that would make the media sense to the world.

waiting for the day when it actually becomes a reality. ameen.




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