Trying hard to Implement ” The Secret”

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its been months now that i have been thinking about TED India and trying to find some way that i can get to attend it.

But “The Secret” is not working for me apparently this time and i dont really know how to make it work.

I started seeing TED about four months ago and its left me memmerized by it. So many amazing minds, coming together on one platform, speaking their heart out. How unbelievable can that be!!!

I never regretted leaving Infy any time but TED India happening at Infy camous makes me sad all the time. I know if i had been there i would have been organizing it all and may be anchoring as well for InfyTv. But then all these things make me wish more and more from life. I would attend TED not as a delegate, i would attend TED as a speaker!!!

Another add on to things that i have to accomplish in my life. The other one of similar kind being a speaker at my own Infosys 🙂

Let the future Beckon.



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