Impossible is Nothing.

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Some people always do it differently or call it they bring more reality and less jazz into things.

I am talking about Farha Khans talk show tere mere beach mein. How unusually different she made a simple concept of a talk show. Something that will touch each n every one of us. Something that has meaning behind it. Hats off farha…

And to top it all……….saw Hrithik Roshans episode!!!

Things which left me numb and with tears. A true testimony to the adage ” Success comes with a lot of hard work”


Stammer…….a person who could not even say ” I wanna be an actor”

complete block……..

scoliosis(disease in which ones back bone is not straight but with a bent which prevents you from strenous things like exercising/dancing) …………

Two thumbs………..

And what else not……….but still this guy…….conquered all of them and is what he always wanted to be.  He started to learn things from scratch………like A B C when he was a teen…….just cant believe the amount of efforts he must have put

Few things which are worth remembering again………

Hrithik: You have to realize your weakness and work on it. You can learn everything. There is nothing which can not be done. Analyze what is the weakest point and work on it. There are ways you have to find to conquer your problems. There are… just have to find them.

Hrithik: I had finally decided and told to suzanne ” If i die doing this, ill die doing this. But i will live my life the way i want to. You can either just sit not doing anything about it or  die doing it.”

Kunal Kapoor : Hrithik just does not do things. He tries to excel in everything he does.

Hrithik: You have to do what you want to. rather than living a life thinking that i am not capable of doing this……why not die doing it. You have no other choice. You either have to do it or suffer all your life, and you have to chose what you want from life. You get it only once after all.

Hrithik: Dont fail to be real. Be what you are and do not fake. Give all of yourself to it. Learn something and try to excel at it.

Hrithik: Perfection lies in being real. You have to play your perfect shot at whatever you do. If you are giving your time to something make sure its worth it.

Hrithik : There is nothing bad which can happen in life. Everything is for a reason. You should be proud of what you are. You have the confidence of what you are. Just love people howver they are. You cant change anybody.

Kangna Ranaut : there is nothing wrong in making fun or being fun for someone, but you should never take those things onto your heart and soul. Dont let them leave an impression on you. Just move on.

Thats why they say……impossible is nothing and this episode was just a window to the thought.

I hear lots of things so many times….motivational……inspiring…..but until you decide things for yourself, nothing can help u. After watching this episode i remember my childhood. I remember coming bak from my school in Narwana. I dont have memories of my friends. But all i remember is coming bak home, not even changing my dress and open the homework diary, finish my homework, then keep a mirror in front and dance in front of it like crrrrazy.

I did all what i liked and along with that was so good at studies too. Its all how you design your day. If i think now, it gets down to as simple as designing every day of yours. And then when you finish the painting in the way you designed, how beautiful it would look!!!

Its been quite long since i had my share of accolades last time…….i need to work on my impossibles now….to make them possible 🙂 And i know i will!!!

Thanks Farha!




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