Remembering passwords is such a Passe.

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Year 2000………..i got my first internet email account on Yahooo and was super excited to enter a world full of possibilities….a world where i can meet anyone whoz sitting far away from me in seconds……..a world which would guide me in what to with my life after my schooling……….One thing i realized was very important to do was to save this small world of mine from strangers…………Strangers who could hack into my world( though i din know what hacking meant that time but i could understand its literal meaning: No entry for outsiders)

Sunil Bhaiya( my computer teacher) asked me to keep a password which no one could guess!!! And i was so happy to finally get my first id ”” with a password known only to me 🙂 It was so amazingly CLASSIC.

Year 2009…….i click on “Forgot password” more than i click on “Log In” for any site.

Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, WordPress, LinkedIn, Skype……..the list is endless. And these are the names which i deal with, in my everyday life……..i don even remember how many websites i logged on to, created username id and forgotten about them. And Each of these asked me to create a password with very GOOD strength. Poor me……….i still feel afraid of any stranger entering into my life…i don keep same password for any two websites 😦

The result………nothing but i keep cursing myself for forgetting my passwords all the time.Thanks to Google that they made life a little easier by IGoogle & combining all their services else i had to create different password for Orkut, Gmail, Google Group, Picasa…………….i would have been lost.

In order to tackle the situation, i created an excel file. I stored all my usernames and passwords and was very happy to have that. But its so boring to open an excel file everytime you want to surf a site. Moreover that terror of some stranger taking a look at my whole internet life is also still there………….so i have deleted that excel file 🙂

So i am back to square one…………….nyone out there with some creative idea to help me????

  1. Thomas says:

    What I generally do is use one word (which comprises a capital letter, one symbol and eight digit lon) as my standar password for all sites and then add first two letters of the site as variable to the ninth and tenth digit of my password. This helped me a lot for me to remeber my password since it is dynamic and not very easy to crack. Hope this help you too with your own varitaions.

    Keep in mind to have the variable at the end of the password as it will be (not very) easy for a hacker to guess!!


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