GoVasool…the next shopping destination for India

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Go Vasool.

You must have bargained until you ran breathless every time you went shopping for that dream product. Some nice retailers would have given you a little discount, others showing you the way to the door saying “Fixed Price”.

If you managed to get a good bargain, no surprise that you walked with raised shoulders telling all your friends, relatives, colleagues about how smartly you managed that price. But one thing you never told them is the amount of efforts you put to get that bargain 🙂

Ever imagined getting that dream product at never dreamt prices? That also at your door step without taking the sand on earth roaming here n there?

Ever imagined bargaining your own price sitting from home???

If the answer is NO, then we take pride in getting you Onboard GOVASOOL., India’s first online group shopping market place lets you buy your favourite electronic items and consumer durables at the click of your mouse!!! You can group with anyone and everyone from your own city and bargain for the best price from the retailer and that too with the comfort of sitting at home. It’s like the way you get together with all your friends to get the best of “Discount shopping”.

But here you don’t coax anyone to get along, as there are many like minded people interested in buying the same thing. Just select your favourite product, start your own group and see the prices falling!!!

Another fascinating aspect of shopping from GoVasool is that the products come directly from retailers in your own city, thus providing you great sense of security in terms of product reaching right on time and getting fast access to services. The product is delivered at your door step “FREE OF COST” without ANY shipping charges. You will never have to worry about even a penny spent as we will take care of everything for you.

And keeping in mind your shopping habits, we have tied up with the best brands in the market. Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, etc, you name a brand and we have wide range of products available for you. Home based electrical products like geysers, fans, lights along with modular kitchens and kitchen appliances (chimneys & hobs) can also be requested via phone (96111 98001 or 96111 98002).

So, Forget about those nightmares of getting stuck in the traffic on weekends, every time you go shopping. Just log onto GoVasool and spend your time and money in the wisest way possible. And if you like it, help your friends and folks also to make the best use of their money.

So what are you waiting for!!!  GoVasool and vasool even a single penny of your hard earned money 🙂

  1. Postor says:

    The site does not even work.
    Maybe you should write the article after the site is launched and up and running

    • xpressionsDeepika says:


      They must be revamping the site. I wrote this article a year ago, they were up and running at that time. Sorry that you read it so late.

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