CREATIVE ways i got things done :)

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

This post is all about how i got stuck in certain situations in my life and how i made use of my creativeness to get the things done……….

12 June 2009

Filter TEA : I was at my frens place who had recently shifted to this new house. After all the shopping for his home and setting up the new house, we were quite tired and desperately wanted to have a cup of Tea( both of ours fav. drink). I managed to get together all the ingredients and finally the Tea was ready!!! My friend couldnt wait for more to get the hot drink rolling down his cup and then his aching stomach……and say “Wah Taj”.

But unfortunately……..we did not have the Tea filter……

My friend gave me a very sad look and said lets drink the tea without filtering. I knew we would throw it out even if we took one sip of that…………but at the same time i did not want to disappoint him………..and thats where my creative mind started working 🙂

I took a Kitchen loofa….which is generally used to clean the utensils, twisted a spoon inside it, and managed to make a timepass “filter”. I could filter the tea with my creative filter………..and after so much struggle tea tasted much sweeter than usual 🙂


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