Creating fortune through WEB :)

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Few Business Ideas which cross my mind and which might be worth making a fortune……..

10th August 09 |

A website dedicated to people who are angrydue to anything in their life. Be it their vehicle, school, college, work place, fiance, husband, wife, kid, fridge, tv or anything………..Just vent out your frustation and tell how angry you are with them. Write anything which you want and take out ur feelings. At the end of it, you have to feel HAPPY 🙂 The idea is to inspire you to take time out to calm yourself down and realize…….is there something really wrong…………and if yes then work towards it while writing about it and at the end, make yourself happy.

8th August 09 |

A website dedicated to finding the top 10 of whatever you want to know about in India. Be it Top 10 colleges of IAS preparation, Top 10 places to hang out in Delhi/bangalore, Top 10 Tailors in Ahmedabad. Just start your topic, let people give nominations for their liked/local eligible candidates, and then decide Top 10 on public voting. Quite simple and efficient way of finding almost everything best in town or anywhere 🙂


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