The only Constant in this whole Universe is CHANGE.
Though the statement is relevant and holds good in every aspect of life, the question is how comfortable we are with CHANGE? Some people believe change happens for good, some people think change happens for worst but whatever it is, the fact is that change always brings along with itself a feeling of Shift. Shift from what is normal, shift from what we are comfortable with, shift from what we have made ourselves used to. To accept the change there is always a little bit of tweaking required.

Be it a tweak in thoughts, ideas, actions, our beliefs or mindsets; CHANGE always comes along with a change. And when that CHANGE is revolutionary, it not only has the potential of transforming lives but also nations. Independence was a revolution which was brought by a few as they wanted to bring a CHANGE.

Now, the most important thing to ponder over is how to communicate a CHANGE and a CHANGE that is required for good. It must not be easy for our nation’s leaders to convince everyone that the CHANGE they wanted to bring, and the way they wanted to bring it had a potential in it. But their sustained efforts bore fruits.

The times have changed since independence and so has the mindsets. Though communication has become a lot faster, and there are several ways to communicate, the most important factor is to make people believe in what you are communicating. And if the message has a potential of bringing about that revolutionary change, any medium will take it to masses must faster and much stronger than a message without a substance. So it is imperative that we strongly believe in what we are communicating and make sustained efforts to take it to masses.

Considering the new age generation and fast paced life of people, these are few ideas which I think communicate a “Change” effectively.

Make sure that the idea is clear, crisp, have substance and appeal to the masses. It should jolt them inside out and make them realize a need for it. Once that is achieved, these are the mediums we can communicate the change with:

 Internet (Blogs/Social networking websites/Google, Yahoo groups/You Tube Channels etc.)
 Once the message is spread, get the people involved by feedbacks, comments, citizen journalism initiatives, live chats, competitions( Writing, Video making, Audiovisual etc.)
 Target the audience which are not tech Savvy. In fact for initiatives like Third Wheel, it is the common man that commutes through public transport who needs to know about the change. And these people are most of the times on a go rather than internet. To communicate to them :
 Distribute pamphlets; utilize bill boards, bus stops, Out of Home Media, Rickshaw stands.
 Put up Digital screens/Posters on the dividers inside the auto where the driver info is written and run the message there.
 Mobile: Though reaching out to people is easy through sms….but to reach out to the affluent class without thinking about DND list…sms people who send sms for mobile games, TV competitions, music download, or anything. In short merge the message with the responding sms to these requests.
 Traditional media: Entertainment Channels, News Channels, Doordarshan, Advertisements, Radio, Newspaper.
 Another Creative way to utilize print medium could be pasting a teaser on front page of the newspaper and corresponding message on the last page.


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