After all the hardships comes Success.

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NDTV ….the experience continues……..

It all started on 17th April 2009. I called up one person i knew in NDTV and asked if my film can be shown there. I sent the DVD the very same day. The film reached Delhi only by 21st and then started the endless calls to delhi.

I kept calling my contact and pestered her to take a look at it….she finally did.

Then i kept calling her to send it to the channel head and finally she sent it. By now it was 26th of April 🙂 .

Election time was passing by fast and my only worry was if the channel head wud watch the film before Elections end 😉

But call it luck or whatever…she saw and I finally received message from her on 28th of April and she told me YOUTH COUNT will be on air next week.

My happiness knew no bound. But complications did not end here. The film was long, supers were big and Suhasini Haidar was a complete NO. I now had to make out how by any means i cut down my film to half of its original time.

Though i was unhappy that i will have to cut my work in which i had put in so much of efforts…i was happy that i would speak on NDTV about my own work and after all 10 minutes of air time did not seem so bad 🙂

I finally landed in Delhi only to be in NDTVs office for the whole day on 5th May.

What happened that day was the best or call it worst experience……….

As soon as i reached office, we tried importing my file on AVID…the editing S/W they use. It was quite funny but there was no audio in my file. We tried everything but din work. What was really strange is , the film did not play with audio on any of the NDTVs computers or laptops but played absolutely fine on My laptop.

Well we spent two hours trying to figure out the things when Milita(my editor) was about to say No to me…….my nightmare was about to come true….but i din loose hope and asked her to contact the IT guys. They came…..they helped……and i felt as if the whole floor came for my help at that point of time. We finally had my film…with an audio…on their machine.

Again…things were not so easy……..there was an urgent edit for a show at 6 in the evenin and i had to leave the system right away. The next half an hour went in searching for another system to edit. This was the time when i realized how helpful william sir had been to give us time in the edit rooms. Thanks William sir.

Finally i got the system and we started editing. 13 minutes to 6 minutes was the target. But after all the chopping and being “RUTHLESS” with my film, we finally brought it down to 6 minutes 45 seconds and gave up to reduce even a second more.
Thanks to the channel head…..she agreed to that duration( and chopped my interview time for that).

Finally YOUTH COUNT was on next days cue and i left for home at 9:45pm in the night.

The D Day arrived and i woke up at 4 in the morning( I guess for the first time after IIJNM i was before time for something ;-))
I Sent messages to whoever possible and wished all my people get to see it.

Finally i reached the studio ( much ahead of time). I was so so so so nervous that i drank the whole bottle of juice in one sip :).
I went inside and could feel what being LIVE was. NO retakes, NO fumbles, NO delays. Gargi my anchor made me feel easy and the interaction went smooth.

I had lived a dream which was too short to continue….but still worth it.

Though the whole exerience at IIJNM was all about Never to loose hope……….this one really strengthened the idea.


I did not give up and here i am…….writing on my blog exressing myself…my journey in Fame Game. The Game was started long time back but here i am playing the cards 🙂

Hope i win this game……….

All the BEST 🙂


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